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For many people straight-ahead jazz often falsely referred also as mainstream jazz. While it is not, the term straight-ahead jazz was coined to refer jazz from 1970s and beyond that closely adhere to jazz tradition. It was a form of movement to detach jazz from fusion with rock sounds, and adhere closely to historical traditions of jazz.

The tradition of jazz defined of the style from the period between bebop and 1960s of Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. The music is by no mean homogenous in style, but a mixture of influence from any jazz up the 1960s including the avant-garde style. For its avant-garde influence, straight-ahead jazz becomes the lingua franca of jam sessions, where musicians come play together and improvise as the music evolved. Below is my favorite of Herbie Hancock, The Watermelon Man.

The way straight-ahead jazz present itself is just like Ubud as a global village. People from all over the world come together bringing their idea to Ubud while enjoying the wisdom of local culture. The preservation and improvement go hand-in-hand with none deprives each other.

The Ubud Village Jazz Festival tries to present jazz in Ubud style. None of them are dull. Some of the highly notable jazz players confirming their performance are: Emilia Schnall, Benny Green, Judith Nijland, Gerard Kleijn, INSULA, Sebastian Gramss, Triple Ace, A Fuzz with prominent local artists, such as Nita Aartsen, Ade Irawan, Salamander Big Band, and many more. Enjoy jazz ubud style and stay adventurous in NamaStay.

Good music, well stayed, NamaStay

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