Kedaton: Indonesian Food for The First Timer

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Talking about food is something that you cannot avoid, especially talk with our guests (particularly with the French, and yes last night we agreed that one of the similarities between Indonesian and French is food-talk). So last night on our way to eat dinner (yes, we sometimes eat dinner with our guests also), we talked about Indonesian food and the experience of tasting Indonesian food. As they are French, the first impression for Indonesian food was spicy. “You can taste all the spice on earth in one-dish,” they said. Yeah, the spices is what brought the west conquering the sea and colonized the exotic world. We don’t discuss about colonization process here, but rather on food.

For initial, we recommend them my comfort food place: Kedaton. It’s situated on Pengosekan Raya a little walk to the north from NamaStay. Whenever we have nothing to eat, no idea of what to eat, feel sad about life, feel joyful, or just apathetic, Kedaton is the place to go. Kedaton gives the comfort real Indonesian-taste buds with (relatively) tolerable spiciness. Our favorite dishes are brown rice with tempe pelalah (tempe only), sauteed eggplant balado, kacang tempe manis (peanut sweet tempe), and telur bumbu (Bali-style spice), all in one plate! OMG! Writing this made us hungry!

Our typical comfort food. Nothing more nothing less
Kacang Tempe Manis
Tempe Pelalah
Telur Bumbu
Tumis Terong (Sauted Terong)

For the drink we usually order plain ice tea, but you can also order fresh coconut, or kelapa kopyor (coconut with syrup), as well orange juice, or something more sophisticated like carbonated drinks and beers. We particularly like the dessert, Pialicious (provided just in front of the cashier machine). Pick the cheese or chocolate filled pia, and enjoy the sweetness to reduce the after taste of the spices. There are still many food to enjoy there. You can pick some from the menu, or directly points on the food-shelves. Pointing food from the shelves is the typical warung/carenderia food selling way. Enjoy the authenticity of Indonesian food.

Chocolate filled Pia

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