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You can take a medium distance walk to Gootama from NamaStay. It’s a nice walk though

Nothing caught our attention more in Ubud when it comes to slow-walking-while-people-seeing-and-window-shopping-and-some-good-food-time than the Gootama Street.

If you haven’t heard about it, then you’re reading about it now. It’s somewhat a-walking-only-lane with lots of small shops, cafes, pizza houses, tattoo artists, or organic-to-the-max-restaurants. It’s a place where you can walk slowly, stop at each door, while enjoying the afternoon sun or the breezy night wind. You might want to propose your partner here (or get a nice break up session and still be friend?)

The entrace of Gootama Selatan from Hanoman

Take a walk about 1.7 km or 1 mile from NamaStay towards Hanoman, then the Gootama will be on your left side after you passed the warung falafel on your left. At the end of the Southern Gootama St, you will see a Statue of Buddha (born of Siddhartha Gautama, hence the street name). Walk north and you will see a coffee roastery on your right. They’re open only 10AM – 5PM, but for the curiosity, you should make a little time to stop by. On your left you will see a small tattoo shop called Magic Ink Tatto. One of our earlier guest from New York has been there and had one of the best Buddha tattoo on his right delt.

The corner of Dewi Sita Street and Gootaman Street. On the left is the Confiture the Bali and on the right after the clothing store is the pizza place
The corner of Gootama and Dewi Sita Street facing Dewi Sita. You can park your bike along this street. Warning: It will be very crowded sometimes

If you are going a little further north you will see on your right Kevala Home at the corner of Dewi Sita Street. Go in to appreciate the hand made chinas and if you won’t buy anything just appreciate the beauty. It’s one of our favourite china house. There’s a water jar with native Australian motives that really strucked me out. It’s just out of my budget.

On the opposite side of the corner is Confiture de Bali. A home made jam shop from anything possible to be made as a jam. The owner is a Balinese lady who started with one taste of jam until they currently have like tons of varieties. This one will be on another story, we haven’t visit their production place. A little just across of the jam shop is a pizza house with more than average pizza dough. Oh and you can have your pizza with wine here. They have nice selections. Just try it yourself.

A little northern of the pizza house is Soma Restaurant (they have their parking lot here, hence you can drive your bike to the restaurant). They have everything organic and local here. Many selections of vegan food, less gluten containing or totally gluten free food. They also sell the locally brewed Bali beer, Stark Beer. It tastes less malty and light.

If you are looking for Indonesian tastes, just go a little further and you have several selections on the right. We’d love to say that Biah-biah still very recommended. Avoid visiting the restaurant during lunch or anywhere near dinner. You will get no place to sit. As of Biah-biah restaurant, they have another branch at Pengosekan Raya nearby Kakiang Bakery.

The Sushi and Sashimi of Toro Sushi

Not into Indonesian or Western food? Toro Sushi will serve you some Japanese food. Good ones with reasonably priced menu. They serve good sushi with the quality of the-famous-sushi-chain restaurant. Rate them yourself. In front of the restaurant is Acai Queen Juice house for your refreshment.

A little north you will reach Ubud Raya where at the corner of the street is Nomad Restaurant. A nice restaurant with nice selections of Indonesian-Asian-Western food.

We might not be able to mention everything right now, but wait until the next article and we will tell you something else from the Gootama (or Goutama Street). For now enjoy your time!

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