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Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a yearly event created by locals to promote locality in the international spectrum. This year is going to be the 6th year for the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF), and the size is getting bigger than ever.

It was develop by passions of music performers, the festival is uniquely becoming Ubud in style. The style of UVJF is morphing into the the straight ahead jazz, the style initially develop during jam sessions in1940s to 1960s. Jam sessions are a relatively informal event where the musicians would meet and play with improvised solos and vamp on tunes, songs, and chord progressions. Straight ahead jazz depicts the lifestyle of people in Ubud, where people tend to be informal and familiar in style, with many improvisation to meet ends, but very knowledgeable, deep, and enjoyable.

As Ubud is known as the place of great crafters and artists of Bali, the UVJF is going to present their audiences with the greatly crafted jazz from the artists of great qualifications. Expect to get music experiences of great quality, for quality matters more than quantity for people of Bali and Ubud particularly.

If you wonder about the festival, please do visit the website at The 6th Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2018 will be held at ARMA Ubud Bali on August 10-11, 2018. Starting June 2018 we will start selling bundled ticket for UVJF 2018 with special price if you buy a room through our website. There will be more articles on the festival, we have a lot of stories to tell you.

Stay tuned and we hope to meet you at 6th Edition Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2018.

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