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Hanoman travels the world

Nama is the nickname of Hanoman by his mother Anjani, during his childhood. As he is a half monkey, his character was a depiction of a monkey. Anjani often screamed to him, “Stay, Nama! Stay!”

After he was born, Anjani told him that he could eat anything with the color of red. He was astonished with the sun and ate it right away. The world became dark without the sun and the Gods wondered what had caused it. They found out Hanoman and asked him to spit the sun, but he refused. He then agreed after Anjani gave him an egg in exchange of the sun.

The egg in exchange of the sun

In his younger days, Hanoman wanted to travel the world, stay, and then immerse with human. He’d disguise himself as a fellow human to relax with his new found friends and avoid surprises.

NamaStay was built according to the taste of Hanoman, the monkey god with the assumption that one among the guest is Hanoman himself in disguise. When he feels naughty, Hanoman would usually disguise himself as the NamaStaff, hence everyone should assume that everybody else, or even the things around, could be the Hanoman. A hint for everybody: Hanoman cannot perfectly disguise himself. He always has one or more flaws in his disguise.

Hanuman with namaste posture By Urban Kalbermatter – Sri Krishnan Temple

Some people would love to say that they are Hanoman himself. They sometimes announce it at the social-medias, but whether they are the real one, needs to be confirmed by you alone.

Look for Hanoman around you and enjoy the story with us.

Good stay, well played, #NamaStay

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