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Sambal for Life. A staple of most Indonesian households

Indonesians are known avid sambal eaters. If you wonder what is sambal means? It’s a chili condiment made in many ways and ingredients depends on the food pairings. Sambal (chili condiments) is a staple in Indonesian food (as in many countries in South East Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam). However, it is not as popular in the Philippines, where people love to have vinegar instead.

A conversation about sambal has no end in Indonesia, particularly in Bali. One of the most popular sambal in Bali is Sambal Goreng (Friend Sambal). Sambal Goreng is made with many ingredients, i.e. green paddy chili, green chili, sometimes with additional red chili, deep fried shallots, sauteed garlic, and with a little anchovies and shrimp paste. They are paired with almost all kind of meal during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals paired are usually big heavy meals with strong flavors with a little broth on the side.

Sambal as the center piece

We love our sambal goreng to be put in the center piece of the table for easy accessibility. Have you tried one?

Identify and put your answer in the comment section. Where is the Sambal Goreng? (As you’re looking for Wally in Where’s Wally)

Good food, well played, NamaStay!

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