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Good morning from Ubud!

It’s a good morning for running around. The air was warm and crisps, the traffic was slow, and the sun was mild. We started our running journey from NamaStay at Premasanti 14, headed north and turned to the Monkey Forest. It was initially a relatively downhill until after passing through Monkey Forest.

And here is the look back from the top of Monkey Forest uphill track (I was running out of breath actually)…

Not far from away from the hill, the local students were doing their PA class in the city park. Yes, it’s lovely to run around in the morning. Most of the view you got will be about the locals starting their morning activities. Here are some more pictures

And here are some views on my way back to NamaStay at Cok Gde Rai St. and Made Lebah St.

If you are wondering about my route, here’s my route from Strava. FYI, the total running distance will only be about 5.2K.


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