Straight-Ahead-Jazz – Tradition Enhancing Modernity

Stay with NamaStay, get discount on your entrance ticket, and walk to the event For many people straight-ahead jazz often falsely referred also as mainstream jazz. While it is not, the term straight-ahead jazz was coined to refer jazz from 1970s and beyond that closely adhere to jazz tradition. It was a form of movement […]

Frangipani – The Ubiquitous Naturalized Beauty in Bali

Plumeria, as it is known in the western world. Kembang Jepun are the commonly used term in Bali Frangipanis, known locally in Bali as Kembang Jepun, or widely across Java Island as Bunga Kemboja, are present ubiquitously in Bali Island. Frangipani is also known as Plumeria in the western world. It is a genus from […]

Music and Dance of Bali – Modernization Adapting Culture

A set of Balinese Gamelan Music and dance have long been the essence of Balinese culture. In the olden days, they were the instruments for people to talk to the Big Man, to express their gratitude on blessings given, to tell stories from the holy book of Veda, to educate the young on social norms […]

Kedaton: Indonesian Food for The First Timer

Talking about food is something that you cannot avoid, especially talk with our guests (particularly with the French, and yes last night we agreed that one of the similarities between Indonesian and French is food-talk). So last night on our way to eat dinner (yes, we sometimes eat dinner with our guests also), we talked […]

Bali Marathon 2018 – NamaStay and Run Bali

The best marathon in Indonesia will return on September 9, 2018. Yes, Bali Marathon is the most organized and attended marathon in Indonesia. More than 2000 people are expected to run the events which will start at 5 am, in the early dawn, just before the sunrise. By starting at 5 am, most of runners […]

Gootama Street – Where Hipsters Meet Mainstreams

You can take a medium distance walk to Gootama from NamaStay. It’s a nice walk though Nothing caught our attention more in Ubud when it comes to slow-walking-while-people-seeing-and-window-shopping-and-some-good-food-time than the Gootama Street. If you haven’t heard about it, then you’re reading about it now. It’s somewhat a-walking-only-lane with lots of small shops, cafes, pizza houses, […]

Coffee – The Love and Hate In A Cup For Indonesians.

Coffee fruit before it becomes the bean… Coffee has been a part of culture for Indonesians since the age of cultuurstelsel (cultivation system). This system was built by the Dutch to increase profitability of Dutch East Indies to pay the cost from the Paderi and Diponegoro wars and also the Belgium Revolution which brought them […]

Music is Home – Nita Aartsen

Have you ever heard of any Indonesian Jazz Musician? We have many (good ones), and one of them is Nita Aartsen. Nita Aartsen had started to learn how to play piano when she was just 5 year old. With her passion and talent in jazz music, she went to Moscow Conservatory to learn Contemporary Jazz […]

NamaStay, Ubud Village Jazz Festival Is With Us

We are proudly informing you that Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held at Agung Rai Museum of Art on August 10-11, 2018. Here are some reasons why NamaStay as your place to stay during the festival: 1. We are less than 200 m away from the venue 2. We are conveniently designed for the […]

Ubud Village Jazz Festival – The Jazz Crafts from Bali

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a yearly event created by locals to promote locality in the international spectrum. This year is going to be the 6th year for the Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF), and the size is getting bigger than ever. It was develop by passions of music performers, the festival is uniquely becoming […]