Be Ready For Bali Spirit Festival 2020

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Namaste from NamaStay

The biggest yoga festival in Southeast Asia is approaching. Ubud is preparing itself, calm as ever, cultural as never before, and moreover internationalized. On top of fear of diseases and warfare around the world, Ubud tries to always present love and peace.

You might already know Bali Spirit Festival, or you might not ever know it. It is a festival of yoga, spirituality awakenings, healings and human connections that happened yearly in Ubud. The festival serves humans from multiple cultural and economic background since 2002, while empowering local communities. Even more activities this year from March 29 – April 5, 2020, can be seen in detail through their website:

The festival not only tries to inspire personal transformation and sacred celebration, but also emphasizing giving back to local community through many channels. The four main partners of Bali Spirit Festival are Bali Regreen – Bamboo Reforestation Program, Ayo! – HIV/AIDS Awareness Program, Bali Conference – Youth Music and Art Symposium, and Kryasta Guna – Preservation of Balinese Culture Program. There are several Non-Profit Organization partnering with the festival which can be accessed in their website under the tab of Community Outreach

NamaStay, as a small hostel that tries to give back to the community, is proudly announcing our partnership with Bali Spirit Festival to provide lovely community based accomodation for same-minded-people that enjoys the festival. All the happiness and serenity are based shared and discussed with best friends.

Good festival, happy heart, NamaStay


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