Ubud Writers and Readers Festival - Enriching Cultures Through Literature Works

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Indonesian Puppet Show- The Pandawas from Bhagawad Gita By Gunawan Kartapranata – en.wp, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=443080

Literature development is one of the signs of cultural advances. Human passes wisdom, stories, knowledge and education through literature. Literature is interpreted generally as written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit, which also includes books and writings published on a particular subject and other printed matters in propaganda, advertising, and consultation services. Depart from this, parameters was built to point out literacy and education standard around the world.

Meanwhile, some cultures have different kind of literature (if they still can be classified as one). As in Indonesia, we grow with the wisdom from the elders, called Tutur Tinular. It’s basically Javanese translated as “contaminating others with words”, “word spreading”. Children were listening stories from puppet shows and parent stories. Some of the stories then documented in written texts by authorities and saved in sacred or highly valuable places. It’s rarely found that peasants and regular people will write small notes about their daily activities or major events surrounding their life. To certain extend reading and writing were considered highly sacred for fear of misinterpretation.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is an effort by Indonesians to expose Indonesian literatures and preserving the culture of tutur tinular with documentation and reading activities. Adding writing and reading activities in the omnipresent tutur tinular culture is the main objective of the festival. After 15-consecutive-year, the festival has become Southeast Asia’s leading (if not the biggest) festival of such. The festival itself includes 160+ speakers from Indonesia and many other countries, covering the western and eastern world, political, social, and fictional literatures, documentaries and entertainment. There will be no less of varieties from novels, excerpts, poets, music, or any kind of literary materials you can think.

This year Ubud Writer and Reader Festival will be held on October 24-28, 2018 with the main venue at Raya Sanggingan nearby Campuhan Ridge Walk. Other big venues include Taman Baca, Indus Restaurant, and Neka Museum. Smaller events will be held at places around Ubud.

Come to Ubud and share your love of literature with the world. We love to hear and exchange our ideas with yours. Maybe we all can create a better world together.

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