A View to Catch at Campuhan Ridge

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Morning skyline above NamaStay

Campuhan ridgewalk in the morning is something that you should visit. I ran to Campuhan, but you can choose to walk, by bicycle, or motorbike. I suggest you to do it by walking or running, as to reduce your carbon footprints.

My run to Campuhan was not a superb one. I was not on my fittest condition, nor did I train regularly in the recent weeks. I ran the Monkey Forest route up to the Ubud Raya intersection, then turned westbound (to the left, PS: it’s how the locals pointing for direction) with a downhill road, up until we got to the intersection on your right with a signage written Ibah Village then you just go straight into the small street to Campuhan Ridge Walk. It’s the end for every vehicles. Just park your vehicle at the elementary parking lot. Else you can ask around where to park. You can only walk/run uphill.


Looking back from the intersection toward Ubud. You have to pass this natural tunnel before entering Campuhan area

We did run initially. We passed through a school, and a Pura, and we go up several flights of stairs, until immediately we can see the valley on the left and right of the ridge walk. It’s all green, and only green. A few buildings sighted but they are blended into the greens, not vice versa.

This route is actually a shortcut from the northern village to Ubud. Before, people from the villages would walk up and down the hill to the local Pura and school. But as the improvement of economy condition, motor vehicles is preferred by many for the convenience and faster way to reach the destination.

The first skyline you will see after you pass the forest…

Locals coming for photo sessions… for Instagram? for personal portfolio? I didn’t ask


We are absorbing the nature, he is working with the nature. He is farming…

It’s a pretty popular day, even when it was very humid


Are you tired, maam? Yeah me too! But the view is amazing, isn’t it?


Teenage love birds asked me to take their pictures… Here you are love birds!


And this is a real bird looking for some food… 🙂

This is how you would enjoy Ubud. It’s a good place with good views, well played, NamaStay!

PS: It took me around 9 K to go back and forth from NamaStay to Campuhan Ridge Walk. There will be another story about my route back through Nyuh Bulan

The running route from NamaStay to Campuhan and back through Bisma Road and an alley at the north of Wenara Wana

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